About Us

B Dakin is a luxury lifestyle brand, a fusion of vibrant prints and simple design. It’s a body of work that finds its origins in a synergetic juxtaposition of cultures – from the vibrant colours and remote beaches of West Africa to the stark concrete and organised chaos of a westernised city. Transparency is the cornerstone of this multi-dimensional brand; it’s bold, adventurous and unique and each piece finds a harmonious balance between familiarity and the unknown.

B Dakin was born during a vacation in West Africa. While traveling, we were swept away by the vibrancy of the Ankara prints; the way people would use them, clash them together and make them work. As we traveled, we collected hundreds of fabrics (seriously!), knowing that we needed to bring them to life in a new and modern way. Dakin, who is one half of our brand, is a New Yorker and industrial designer. In New York he spent a long time working in fashion, so his understanding of fabrics is second nature, but his true passion lies in creating furniture and homewares. So when the opportunity arose to fuse modern design with his heritage, he jumped at it. Dakin has experimented with Ankara fabrics since he was a child. He grew up around the vibrant fabrics and would watch the women in his family make clothing out of them for all occasions. It was only a matter of time before Dakin found a way to collide his ethnicity with design.

At it's core, our brand represents the Africa that we've experienced and know. Our brand is a positive representation of an innovative and progressive part of the world and a representation that we share through our products. We create products that spark intrigue and conversation because through our products we're modernising heritage. By that we mean that we've taken fabrics that are intrinsically African and presented them in a modern and unique way. The colours we use have a strong, positive effect on people, we're always told that our products are happy and that's really important to us and the philosophy of our brand.